Quality Tourism Framework



The Quality Tourism Framework (QTF) is a business pathway to support the continuous growth and development of an Australia tourism business.

There are four different levels of accreditation available within the Quality Tourism Framework, aligned with key learning and development stages.


Level 1 – Quality Tourism Essentials

Development of minimum quality and safety standards for customers.


Quality Tourism Accreditation – The Quality Tourism Accredited Business logo signifies quality assurance and the delivery of quality tourism experiences.





Level 2 – Sustainable Tourism

High quality visitor experience development.


Sustainable Tourism Accreditation – Businesses that display the Sustainable Tourism Accredited logo have met minimum environmental standards for activities in protected areas.

Prerequisite: Quality Tourism Accreditation



Level 3 – Digital Distribution Marketing Essentials

Digital Distribution Marketing Essentials will encourage industry to ensure they are meeting best practice standards relating to digital experience of the customer throughout the visitor journey. It will develop businesses to better understand the impacts of digital on their current operations and encourage them to have a high level of understanding of digital marketing, distribution and technology, allowing them to be fast followers in terms of adoption of new technologies.




Level 4 – Trade Marketing Boost

Trade Distribution Boost will assist businesses to identify appropriate markets, develop their product to meet their target market’s needs and expectations and to implement business practices required to work within the travel distribution system.


Niche Modules


EcoStar Accreditation – EcoStar Accreditation is a tool to assist businesses in achieving environmental sustainability and to recognise a business’s commitment to environmental management.

Prerequisite: Quality Tourism Accreditation & Sustainable Tourism Accreditation



Camps & Adventure Accreditation – Camps & Adventure Accreditation is designed for any business that works with the camps and/or adventure activity industries. It ensures that the camping or outdoor experience is conducted in an appropriate manner.

Prerequisite: Quality Tourism Accreditation & Sustainable Tourism Accreditation


International Ready Accreditation – International Ready Accreditation is a tool to assist in developing business product for packages, new trade channels and international markets.

Prerequisite: Quality Tourism Accreditation & Sustainable Tourism Accreditation



Marine Tourism Accreditation – The Marine Tourism Accreditation is a module of the Quality Tourism Framework specifically designed to help WA Marine Tourism Businesses address and be rewarded for meeting WA Marine Tour Operators Best Practice Standards. By becoming Marine Tourism Accredited, businesses have demonstrated a commitment to professionalism and ethical conduct operating in Western Australia’s pristine marine environment.

Prerequisite: Quality Tourism Accreditation & Sustainable Tourism Accreditation


Star Ratings Accreditation – Star Ratings logo signifies properties that hold themselves up to the independent standards of Star Ratings scheme in Australia.


Prerequisite: Quality Tourism Accreditation





Accessible Tourism – This module has been developed in consultation with leading accessible tourism experts, TravAbility, the Accessible self-assessment module aims to not only identify those that meet a specific standards in accessible facilities, but which can also provide accessible traveller with the information they need to make a travel decision that is right for their individual needs.


Prerequisite: Quality Tourism Accreditation & Sustainable Tourism Accreditation






China Ready Accreditation – CHINA READY® is a global accreditation system that identifies products and services that Chinese consumers can trust.

Prerequisite: Quality Tourism Accreditation & Sustainable Tourism Accreditation




Visitor Centre Accreditation – Visitor Centres that display the yellow on blue italicised ‘i’ sign have achieved certain quality standards in their service provision and operational system.

Prerequisite: Quality Tourism Accreditation & Sustainable Tourism Accreditation




Australian Tourism Awards – The Australian Tourism Awards Program has been operating for over 30 years, bringing recognition to, and celebrating businesses that have demonstrated a commitment to excellence.



COVID19 Business Recovery

The COVID19 Business Recovery Module is designed to support businesses undertake some critical thinking on their current situation and opportunities, as well identify strategies on how the business will respond to the various stages of restrictions being lifted to support the recovery.


COVID CLEAN Practicing Business

The COVID19 Clean Practicing Business Module is designed to provide customised daily, weekly, monthly and annual cleaning checklists to support businesses in their efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 and to provide an assurance to customers these steps are being taken.




COVID Vaxx Practicing Business

The COVID Vaxx Practicing Business is an optional program that can be completed in under 15 minutes via the online Quality Tourism Framework. It has been developed for businesses who want to share and communicate to both customers and staff that they have initiated policies and procedures regarding vaccinations within their workplace.

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