Camp & Adventure Accreditation

Specifically designed for campsites and/or adventure activity providers.

The Camp and Adventure Accreditation program is designed to ensure that residential camps, outdoor experiences, and adventure activities can be conducted in a manner where the safety of participants and staff is assured. This means the buildings are appropriate and that proper activity equipment is provided and used in a safe manner.

This program ensures there are clear procedures for supervising campers, administering bookings, and proper planning has been done to manage emergencies should they arise.

The variety of residential camps and outdoor experiences ensures that different groups – large or small, children or adult, school, special interest, community – can enjoy diverse experiences. The program recognises this diversity and ensures that regardless of the type of experience your safety has been considered as paramount.


Camp and Adventure Standards

When you choose a Camp and Adventure Accredited Business, you can expect:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Compliance with both business and industry specific regulations
  • Adherence to industry sector standards and codes of practice
  • A high level of risk management procedures and training
  • Thorough human resources management with staff behaviour policies in place
  • Specialised Activity policies and procedures that meet industry standards